ULX MOTD Broken After Update?

Hey everyone, recently I noticed after starting to play Garry’s Mod again after a week or so of being busy, the MOTD on my server isn’t displaying the right way. It used to be fine before, but now since the update all it does is display a random TF2 / CSS map rotation list.

Using ULX, the non-svn version. Any suggestions?

it happened to me too. only thing to do is wait for garry to fix it.

Um, take out the ulx_motd from the ulx addons folder, and place it into your main gmod folder that contains the addons, lua, materials etc, and just drop it amongst those. Then just rename the ulx_motd to ‘motd’ and your done. :slight_smile:

That’s what I did for my server just now, and it works fine.

Thanks kccool2, your method worked perfectly (at least until the next update).

Yeah when i join servers its usually a tf2 map rotation.

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