ULX MOTD, need SVN-free links to Wire, PHX, and AdvDupe

Title should say: ULX MOTD, need SVN-free links to Wire, PHX, and SBEP. I mis-edited. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m setting up my ULX’s MOTD. I need SVN-free links who are too lazy to use SVN. I know quite a few that are.

I need links for SBEP, Wire, and PHX. A friend of mine said to use this site called glua.net, but the site says it’s down because of switching hosters, and will be back on “Friday”. Now yesterday was a Friday, and New Years Day is a Friday…
So, if they’re taking off those days, this will be a problem for me. That’s why I need new links. Google doesn’t really help.

I’m tired of having to explain why they’re seeing ERRORs, so this should be my best bet.

There are no other svn-free services that I am aware of.
Point them to a svn downloader or something.

I know wire isnt going to be easy, as its always going to be removed from garrysmod.org.