ULX MOTD: Set time before able to close?

Hi Community of Garry’s Mod / Facepunch,

I bought a Nitrado TTT server and installed ULX admin mod. The only problem is that every joined player instantly close the ULX MOTD without reading the rules. :frowning:

My question: Could I set a time (example: 15sec) before joined players are able to close the MOTD?

Thanks for every answer! :slight_smile:


This thread on the ULX forums has information about setting this up, and the last post even has a download link to an addon you should just be able to quickly install. (It’s an embedded attachment, so you’ll probably have to be a registered user to download. I’m not sure why we still have that requirement.)

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much! You saved my day! :smiley:
I can’t thank you enough! :slight_smile: