ULX MOTD Trouble

Hello, I am having trouble with the ULX Motd after installing and running CS:GO. The only way for the actual MOTD to come up is for me to make a map change.

Any way to solve this?

Did you edit any of the ulx files?

I have, a while ago. The only thing I edited was the Rules and a background image. (Of course server title)…

I would first make a backup of your current ulx files, then install a brand version of ulx and see if you still get the error.

Okay thanks.

when you did

  1. type !motd that should bring up the motd

  2. Go into the ULX !menu and go to group restrictions and check allow !motd that allows user to us the motd.

give those a Try!

Why would permissions have anything to do with it?

Because you need the permission to to be enabled to your usergroup in order to use the command !motd

I am the owner of the listen server. (!%owner!%)