ULX Noodlearms for Zombie Survival FREE Version

That’s right, here is a free version of ULX Noodlearms for Zombie Survival for anyone to use on their Zombie Survival server.


With this you can now fully control the hammering system, stop users from using the hammer for an amount of time, or even permanently. Also during that time users who are noodled can’t pick up props, meaning that, no more trolls using the hammer/props.


Installing the addon is very easy, all you need to do is drop the addon in your addons folder or subscribe to the workshop addon (soon). In ULX where you are allowed to edit group/user permissions you can set which ranks you that you want to allow. All Zombie Survival tools are in the “Zombie Survival” tab located at the bottom of ULX.

How To Use

It’s a few simple commands in ULX with you can use by doing on of the following;

!votenoodle - Users which have the voting command

!noodle - Gives a 30 min ban

!unoodle - Un-noodles the player

!unnoodleid - Un-noodles the player by SteamID

Using the ULX menu is the best way to make sure that it’s done right.


Q: **What’s the difference between the paid from the free? **
A: The paid version allows you to easily make edits and has a lot more features built-in. (And I allow you to make edits on the paid version)

Q: What features does this version have?
A: Just the standard blacklisting of the hammer, no overhead/side text or anything like that.

Q: Does it have your so-called protection of the code?
A: No, as I say, this is a free version so it’s not needed.

Q: Where can I get the paid version?
A: You can get it here http://coderflow.co.uk/scripts/view/5 & Soon on SF

Q: Will you add more features to this version?
A: Unless it needs fixing from GMod updates then no.

Q: Your banner shows other addons, but when I download the file, they are no there, why?
A: I haven’t added the other addons and I may change the banner soon.


We wish


Blame ng-vrondakis, that twice the server is down now.

Server is back up now :slight_smile:

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