ULX Not saving usergroups.

I have a sandbox server, and I am running ULX and Evolve. (I am using evolve to see if it is a suitable replacement due to this problem)
Quite simply, the usergroups on ULX refuse to save, and I must reset ALL of my admins and VIP’s and Donators/Respected…etc…
This is getting on my nerves and I already know that other people are having this problem.
Posted many times on ULX fourms with no conclusive assistance.
Any help wba.

Don’t use two admin mods at the same time.

I think I have a similar issue with ULX and DarkRP.
A handful of members usergroup will not save, however the majority do save.
Very Odd :smiley:

The Ulysses Team are aware of the issue.

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I can’t seem to find any of your posts relating to this, could you link them to me? Along with links to others who are having the same problem, if you have them.

Otherwise, more information would be helpful-- What gamemode are you running? What other mods are you running? Can you try running straight ULib+ULX on sandbox and see if you’re still experiencing the same issue?

We’re aware that users have posted issues running both DarkRP and ULX. We have no idea if it’s code conflicting or user error though. :stuck_out_tongue: Looking into it is gradually moving up my priority list though.

I am running a sandbox server on the latest version of Garry’s Mod.
I have the following addons:

Door Stools
CS Weapons
wac base*
Jihad Bomb
Source engine cars
Dismemberment mod
Scars Slim
Scars Basic
Scars Extra
Evolve Admin mod*****
Point Shop

No DarkRP then? If you have the time and resources, it would be helpful for me if you can pinpoint the exact mod causing the problem (assuming it works with vanilla sandbox). You’ll obviously have to remove Evolve during this, since I don’t think the two will run side-by-side very nicely. I’ve never tested it, anyways.

You have evolve and ulx? Why do you have 2 admin mods?? That is just off topic but on topic now, you should probably get rid of evolve and use ULX due to the fact that having 2 admin mods can definitely interfere with bans, usergroups and permissions. Remove evolve and then repost telling us if it worked again.