ULX Playsound Help

I have recentley added sounds to my server and have put them in orangebox/garrysmod/sound/music
The sounds shows up in the autocomplete but when I do enter the command it says “Failed to load sound “sound”, file probably missing from disk/repository”
Any clue what I should do from here?

Are you using fastDL?
Have you checked if you are actually downloading the sounds as a client?

Right now I am not caring about the client but I have the sounds in my own garrysmod files as well as the servers but it is not working. And yes it is downloading the sounds to the client but I am not using fast dl

Try In console:
rcon ulx playsound /music nameofyourfile.mp3/wav
Or have you already done this?
It seems from What you wrote In your OP that the server is trying to play a soundfile named “sound”

Ok lets start from scratch
Assume I have a sound file I want to be able to play using ULX. What would I do?

  1. Put files In your garrysmod/sound folder
  2. make sure clients download the file by adding the files to ressources.lua (or Resource.Addfile)
  3. Use !menu and type In filename or console to play sounds.
  • rcon ulx playsound filename.mp3