ULX Playsound Help

The clients are downloading a custom sound ‘sound/erm/blink1.wav’, but when I use ULX Playsound, the sound doesn’t play

The “sound/” is unnecessary. It if your sound is in “garrysmod/sound/erm/” directory just do “ulx playsound erm/blink1.wav”
It auto-fills the sound list for you while you type the command so if you don’t see the sound that means you don’t have it on your local client.

I get the error ‘Failed to load sound “erm\blink1.wav”, file probably missing from disk/repository’ when it DOES download to the client

How do you know if it downloads to the client? Type “play erm/blink1.wav” in console and if it doesn’t play, then that means it hasn’t downloaded. Also ask another client to do it too and check.

1.) It shows it is downloading all of the sound files to the client in the loading screen
2.) It shows up in my garrysmod/download/sound/erm folder

In console, try ulx playsound sound/erm/blink1.wav.

Why would that work if erm/blink1.wav wouldn’t?