ulx playsound issues

Just started my TTT server up so not everything is perfect yet. Biggest thing bothering me is playsound. I have all of my sound files in different folders under garrysmod/sound. Weird thing is, it can play two sounds: jihad.wav and bigexplosion.wav in the siege folder. any other sound I try will recognize the sound exists, but I keep getting a ULib error immediately after. This is what it looks like in console:

You played sound fun/hoverboard.mp3
[LC ULib ERROR] Received invalid sound

I can’t figure out what it is since jihad.wav and bigexplosion.wav work fine with ulx playsound

.mp3 files are not able to be played until next update.

just tried with other .wav files I had, same thing. Recognizes it exists but doesnt play, same thing appears in console

It looks like you don’t have “fun/hoverboard.mp3” on the client. When you run “ulx playsound” on the server it’s only checking if the server has it.