Ulx Playsound (where is sound folder?)

So I don’t know where to put the sounds for server because I can’t find the sound folder in gmod. Do I have to create one because I already tried that and it doesn’t play the sounds when I test them. It says it plays it but I don’t hear the music.

make sure you added the files to the fastdl (if you use it) and resource.AddFile() them.

So I would put a lua file in the FastDL like this:


do you have a link to your fastdl?

Do this

<soundfolder (idr if it is “sound” or “sounds”)>/shotgun.mp3

and in server autorun:


No. You would have to create a lua file in lua/autorun/server, have the line

resource.AddFile(sound/shotgun.mp3) -- Implying that the sound is just there, not in any subfolders

You’d also have to put the sound on your FastDL webserver in .bz2 format mirroring the garrysmod directory.

That still doesn’t work. This is what I did in the web ftp and made it a bz2 like you said: http://gyazo.com/5d84f8ef430b1c84032e11d3e633a226
And the sound doesn’t play still.

did you ever download the file from the server?

did you add the server autorun file?

Post your sv_downloadurl.

Yes to both.

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I don’t have one. Should I add this?

Yes. Put sv_downloadurl “http://example.com” in your server.cfg.

if you downloaded it from the server then it should play. are you positive you did, since you just said you had no downloadurl

What do I put as the url or do I use example.com? SOrry I’m new at some of this stuff.

Whatever the link to your webhost is; you have to have a webhost to use FastDL.