ULX Police Ticket System

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ULX Police Ticket System V2.5

What is this:

This is a police ticket system that is only for people who use ULX AND DarkRP! Police can give tickets to players that have broke rules and then the players have to pay them!

This addon is pretty much a cheaper version of this (this addon is free and does not have a vgui only a ulx command)

To Do:

Add more config options
Make a non-ulx version
Make a new YouTube Video for the new versions(Just need to edit the video)
Add a reason feature(done)
Add a auto wanted system for people who don’t pay their tickets!(done)
Add a remove ticket command(done)
Add a ticket check command(done)
Add version check(done)

Change Log:

Added a changelog IN the code
Added CPTS_JobsCanUse config option to pick what jobs can use ticket commands
Added CPTS_TicketsStack config option to decide whether tickets will stack on price
Added a better way to want people
Added a config to want people
Fixed couple of simple bugs (ulx ticketcheck system now works better)
Fixed the Version Check and made it a tiny bit better on notifications!
Made a new Youtube Video that will be out soon (just need to edit stuff) 
I no longer have the older version for download on the ULX website so you can find them in the FP forum! (here)

Added a reason system
Changed some grammar issues
Added a system that tickets can NOT stack

Added a auto wanted system if people don't pay the ticket
Added a config option to change the amount of time before the player gets wanted

Added a video to the forums
Added a remove ticket command
Added a ticket check command



You need ULX AND DarkRP!!!!!!
Leave comments here to suggest features and leave feedback!

V1.0 (outdated)
V1.5 (outdated)

VIDEO V1.5 (new video coming soon)

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seems useless in my opinion, seeing how not everyone uses ULX.

Almost all DarkRP servers use ULX (not the custom ones) but most do!

Wow neat I had a similar idea. You should add some screenshots of what it looks like.

I’m uploading a video soon! I’ve been really busy lately

Video of it working :slight_smile:

Why does it need to be run through ULX? Everything you are doing could be done without it.

Yes. I’m pretty new to lua and don’t know how to make chat commands (with args) and ULX fills all that in! I will soon be converting!

The example from the wiki:

hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "Killurself", function( ply, text, public )
	text = string.lower( text ) -- Make the chat message entirely lowercase
	if ( string.sub( text, 1 ) == "!kill" ) then
		return false
end )

I hope this helps.

It does not have args… (Ex. !giveticket PLAYER PRICE)

local args = string.Explode(string.sub(text, 5), " ") – Get the text from after the space and on and split it into a table by spaces

This will end in a total flame war. People just give tickets to every person they want to so they get the money.

Beside, what happens if someone doesn’t pay the ticket? Beside your ticket-check command (which is annoying to use, just like the other commands) there isn’t a way to find out.

Right now i’m working on a timer system that if the layer does not pay in x amount of time they get wanted but for right now the ticket check system is going to have do that job.

Darkrp has it own chat commands system, it would be better to use that instead of ulx.

Thanks!! I’ll look into it!

I dont understand why so much people a rating him dumb, its maybe his first work and its still pretty usefull even if not everyone use ulx … Keep up mate

Thanks!!! Yes it’s one of my firsts!

Fuck everyone else, it’s a great start and you’re doing better than 99% of Facepunch by taking onboard criticism and working to improve it <3

Yep don’t be disheartened by people giving you grief. ULX is an admin mod so you don’t really want to cross your purposes by putting a gamemode function in it. Add it to DarkRP.

I only rated it dumb because the OP looks messy and low quality and basically says “go to this forum instead if you want any info or help cause i don’t care about this one”, other than that once it isn’t dependent on ulx i’m sure it’s great