ULX Questions

I’ve got some questions to ask, and i need some good answers for this.

Can i make it so that the ulx group “moderator” can only do commands against the “donator” and “user” group? And make “admin” only take action against “moderator”, “donator” and “user”?

Can i set the time on how long the “Moderator” can ban? (So they can’t perm ban anyone)

Can i make it so that “donator”, “moderator”, “admin”, “headadmin” and “superadmin” group at the ulx run faster? (DarkRP related too.)

Yes you can limit the who the group can target. While adding a command you can choose to limit it, or you can limit who the group can target. if you edit the group you can say who they cannot target, if you were to put “!%moderator” you would be saying “you can NOT(!) target the GROUP(%) moderator”

When giving the group the ban command in xgui you can limit the time to a specific time like 1 week

if by run faster in game, then yes you can with SetRunSpeed()

Okay, i didn’t fully understand the stuff you wrote.
When i should add some limit on the ban/banid, i need to go into XGUI? Where is that? Is that in the ULX Menu, and (Settings-Client-XGUI Settings?) But if so, i don’t understand this.

And the target thingy, can you explain it better? Like more simple?

And the last thing, where do i put this speed thingy in? If like the run speed is now on 255 for normal users, i want the donators to run 270.

XGUI is the official name of the ULX Menu-- so they’re the same thing. You can edit the restrictions you want by going to Groups->moderator->Manage Permissions->ulx ban, then you can set the restrictions on the right panel.

Also in the ULX Menu, you can create/edit groups by going to Groups->“Manage Groups…”. From there, you can see the inheritance and can_target values of each group.

For the inheritance field, generally each group inherits from the lower group: user->donator->moderator->admin->headadmin->superadmin. So, superadmin should inherit from headadmin, headadmin should inherit from admin, etc.

For the can_target field, you’ll want to make sure the group targets not the group above it. So, superadmin can_target should be set to “*”, because they can target everyone. headadmin can_target should be set to “!%superadmin”, so they can’t target superadmins. admin can_target should be set to “!%headadmin”, and they wont be able to target headadmins or above (superadmins). And so on.