ULX Quick Menu


The Assmenu many people loved in the old times inspires this quick menu, and this is where the idea has come from. I made this because I know people liked it, and would love to get it back. As ULX is currently one of the most used admin mods, I made this quick menu as an addition to ULX.
This menu gives you quick access by binding a key on your keyboard. This way you can quickly kick, ban and have fun. The quick and easy is the true advantage of this script.

Installation, configuration and other important notices

The install and configuration is really easy, in most cases you don’t need to configure at all. Simply drag the folder into addons, and you are finished installing!
The times and values can be configured if you feel to, in the addons/ulxqm/autorun/cl_ulxqm.lua on the top of the script. The ban/kick reasons are synced with the reasons made in the XGUI menu (!menu), so it’s easy to add and remove the reasons! The commands available in the menu are also synced if the player has access to it, if the player doesn’t have access to a specific command, it’ll not be displayed in the menu.

What do I bind to use the menu?
Bind any key to “+ULXqm”. You can do this through console with command like this: bind G “+ULXqm”

The unban button doesn’t display, but the usergroup is allowed to unban
Make sure the usergroup has the XGUI permission “xgui_managebans”, this can easily be added in the XGUI menu (!menu).



Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vwwcaofi71nbfpb/Blt950s_ULX_Quickmenu.zip


Blt950 - The addon



This addon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Background story

I’ve decided to leave Garry’s Mod and I closed my community as well.
As my leave is permanent, I’m releasing everything I find suitable to release.

I could sit here and probably earn loads of money for this specific addition to Garry’s Mod,
but I’ve already earned what I feel is right on CoderHire. Now I rather wish the distribute
everything for free to everyone, rather than give it to one single person who can mess it up.

Check out other places on Facepunch for my other released additions.

Never thought I’d see the day!

Good job!!

I could see some good uses with this.