ULX randomly dies;looking for an alternative

Hey everyone, just a quick question as to what a good admin mod would be besides ULX or ASS. I’ve fixed too many issues with ULX, and I’m sick of it. Randomly the entire thing will die, all privileges will die, which takes prop protection(FPP) with it somehow. I’m looking for a good alternative.

Things that would be great to have:
-Chat commands for all gui commands
-Map menu
-Limit changer
-Can’t be ULX

I also tried Evolve, but it lacks a few features I need.

I would suggest SourceMod, except it doesn’t have a decent menu in Gmod. Other games it’s got the Mani-style number menus but in Gmod it seems broken.

I 'spose assmod might work for you, failing that have someone make you one. Admin mods are pretty damn easy to make if you don’t need a bunch of childish commands which have 4 different ways of turning someone pink then making them explode.

what about a fort only that you can’t noclip to get inside it and you have to have the keypad code and that the key pad hacker (if it works) can’t get you inside but the person who made it inside the fort that would be cool it’ll be like a base to kill everyone in a sandbox game it’ll be like a sandbox deathmatch make your base with phx game

but not to get ahead of myself I still have the most anoying thing to goto and thats school but at least my hardware is crap no thats not it if I had better hardware and windows xp (xp works for me not vista or 7) then i’ll be shitting myself :frowning: but good luck with more posts from people and another idea would be a trap bomb thats invisible while your fort is invisible as well but only you can see it so no one will know howto get inside but they will see you at least I think? :frowning:

Can’t say i’ve ever had that problem with ULX, works perfectly from the moment you upload it. The only alternative i’d suggest is AssMod.

Citrus if you can get it working.

What about MOOCOW, is that still floating around?

what the fuck this is about admin mods



This is what I ultimately went with, great admin mod, ton of features, fully customizable. Conna does great work, too bad he lit the short end of the fuse with Garry’s nerves.

I hate to break it to you, but the bug section on their forums and the lack of updates in 8 months influences my decisions on who to choose.(I’ve heard the SVN isn’t as up to date as the latest release, and they claim to be always in development. I didn’t hold updates against any mod.)

I tried MOOCOW, just didn’t float my boat.

Again, I used Citrus & everyone loves it.

How does it “randomly” die? It’s worked fine for me all along…

Simply put, after 8 hours of no crashing ULX will up and die without giving us any symptoms. The only thing that happens is the menus just stop working, all admin stuff outside of ulx stop working(scoreboard, etc). To top that, it also manages to cap Falco’s Prop Protection when it does this, so I can get complaints of people’s props being tool gunned by other players. It’s probably a conflict, but I see no reason why it does this, there aren’t any logs that it saves that tell me, and it’s not logged to the normal ones either. It’s just like “!menu (do shit) !menu…!menu…!menu…”

Restart the server? It’s good practice anyhow to restart srcds.

I plain out hate Citrus, however if you are fine with the over intrusiveness and complicated interfaces. Go for it.

ULX has been a pile of trash and been in and out of working order since January 2008 when they refused to listen to what the community had to say about how certain things could not be done to a client before they spawned after the Orange Box engine update. Because of that any joining players would not have their admin abilities clientside until the map changed if I remember. (That wasn’t fixed until like July anyways) I personally would never recommend ULX because of it hardly ever having had a working public release off of SVN and half the time I’ve tried it the SVN had broken features or didn’t work at all at times. Assmod needs a update or even a complete rewrite in some areas but for another person to pick up another’s code and finish a project isn’t the easiest or something a lot of people want to do when they can just modify it a little and have it suit their needs. All the other administration mods have been long forgotten because of the ridiculous ULX fan boys. Though 75% of Gmod are unpopulated build servers after all so ULX is great for them. When looking at ULib or ULX from a developer’s standpoint I found it messy, useless, poorly written in some aspects and horribly outdated or redundant.

Restarting a server because of a script breaking under normal circumstances is not a good practice.