ULX rank hooks

Hey so, i find it sort of wierd that ULX doesn’t support mysql anyway, but i’m trying to make a system to link ulx ranks over two servers, however i literally cannot find the hook that is called when someones rank is changed? Surely this exists? Could someone point me in the right direction please, thanks!

Theres no hook AFAIK, you need to edit the function itself, save the ranking function in an oldfunc var, then edit the function, first make it do oldfunc then do what you normally would do in a hook.


Also, ULX creators ‘announced’ that SQL support will be added later on, probably in ULX 3.

Alright, so is there a way to override the normal ulx ban function without editing the actual ulx files?

Make an addon, and overwrite the ban function, so you dont edit its files correctly, and if something breaks, you simply can delete the addon.