ULX ranks, not giving permanent ranks.

ULX is saving the ranks, but for some reason when somebody connects they do not have their rank anymore.
I have checked the files in the data/ulib and data/ulx. and everything looks right.

I deleted all the file from ulx and ulib both addons and data, and my problem persists.

My server is a sandbox and the only other addon that deals with ranks is autorank /w utime.

Any ideas on what i can do?

please any help is really appreciated.

Pretty sure theres a config that allows you to change which ranks are chosen after a certain amount of time. Try configuring the Autorank addon.

See it’s not an autorank problem. even permanent ranks are not applied when a player spawns in.

Even me as a superadmin spawn in as a guest then my autorank system will just move be up to a vip rank.

Have you tried removing the auto rank addon and testing if the regular ranks are still working?

No not yet, but it never this problem before, But ill try it.

Its simple, you have Fadmin enabled that messes with ULX, look up how to disable fadmin, then ulx will work fine with rankings etc. gl and hf!

Yeah, sadly it’s still not working. I’m also using the latest github version now.

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FAdmin is apart of DarkRP, im running a sandbox.