ULX Ranks ( Owner )

Hey guy im looking to sort my ulx ranks on my old server the other owner made the ranks which included owner, co-owner, mod, vip and respected but when i copy the groups.txt to my server the ranks show and can be assigned to people but the owner, co and mod cant press V to no clip and have no access to alot of the command and the TAB menu wont show all the admin stuff just user stuff

An owner group is unneeded, since by default, Super Admin has all privileges (IsSuperAdmin()). Just restructure your inheritance.

the thing is i dont want superadmin to have access to the rcon ect but i want an owner and co owner to have access,

Super admin has these by default. Changing it would be a pain.

Just make superadmin the prefix owner make a group called superadmin2 and put all super admins there for co-owner just use superadmin

After doing this i dont have access to spawn weapons :confused:

You can’t change the name or it’ll fuck up the permissions. Leave super admin as it is or else you’ll have all sorts of issues.

I’m unsure of what you’re asking for, but from my understanding you’ll want to do what Code_gs said, take advantage of inheritance. If you don’t want superadmin being the highest rank (a bit strange) then just make owner inherit all of superadmin permissions and more.

If you’re having issues with IsAdmin / IsSuperAdmin then just overwrite the functions to include your rank.

[lua]if ( SERVER ) then AddCSLuaFile() end

local meta = FindMetaTable(“Player”)

local IsSuperAdmin = meta.IsSuperAdmin
function meta:IsSuperAdmin()
return IsSuperAdmin( self ) or self:IsUserGroup( “Owner” )

This will allow the owner access to anything that is coded using IsSuperAdmin

Ok thanks fixed that xD