ULX Related Problem: Private Commands

I am a Superadmin on a certain server, and we are trying to make it so when you execute a command, it becomes private- in a sense.

When I mean ‘private’, I mean to make the commands only visible to admin and the group of admins the admin is in, or just to any admin group in general.

Let’s say you own a serious roleplay server, hosted by Openaura. You don’t want a command in blue text, saying a minge got kicked or banned to ruin the immersion between the player and the roleplay.

How do I solve this problem- if you can call it that.

Well You would have to code it into ULX which requires you to know lua.

Please note that ULX is not a part of Garry’s Mod. This section does not forbid to ask question about Third-Party addons. However, you might get an faster answer by contacting the developer direclty. Many third-party addons even have a forums where you can ask questions.

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