ULX restrictions

Can I make it so that certain tools and props are only for certain groups? Such as superadmin, admin, donator and what not. I already tried Urestrict but holy shit that fucked up my server. (DarkRP by the way).

Use FPP which comes with DarkRP, go to Q menu and utilities and FPP, you’ll figure out how to use it.

Ok. And is that in all versions, or just the latest?

FPP comes with your DarkRP, if I’m not wrong.
And, URestrict doesn’t work with DarkRP, a quote from the website:

That’s on the first row of the download-page on the Ulyssesmod forum.

Wait does FPP stand for Falco’s Prop Protection or what? (I know i’m a dumb ass no need to point it out)

Yes it does.

Ok thanks again. But im not seeing the FPP is gunna actually let me set restrictions to certain groups.

Go to group tool restrictions? You can’t miss it.

Yeah I know I see it. Just forget about that comment, but Im not seeing in it where I can estrict limits to groups. Do I possibly have an outdate FPP?