ULX - Serious Serious Lag - Anyone else?

There is a certain server I join which looks like loads of fun but ever single time I get connected, although it is smooth for a few seconds, as soon as the ULX welcome page comes up, the entire game starts to freeze. I’m not joking when I say it is about 1 frame per minute and the sound just gets stuck in a loop until the next frame comes along, then gets stuck in a different loop. I can sometimes hear drowning sounds too.

I personally don’t bother with ULX since the only important commands are kickid, banid, writeid, all the other jail and slay and burn stuff is pretty boring to me.

Anyway, anyone else get this horrific lag? If so, have you found a way around it? I’d like to play on that server but I just can’t even type it’s so bad.

Not sure but I recall falco telling me loading the html in the welcome page can cause lag for some clients.

It might be the sheer number of networked vars when combined with DarkRP


I’ve had something like this, but it usually dissipates after the motd comes up.

ULX is bloated and pretty sucky to be honest. Wouldnt suprise me if this started occuring.

The problem has gone away now, I fixed it by upgrading my OS to Slackware 13 and then upgrading wine to the latest git version.

It was probably the MSHTML component screwing up. That said, something else is screwing up now, I can’t move the mouse over the menu for long because it grabs itself back. I can probably fix it myself if I have enough time. Thanks for the replies…

It would be the poor implementation of the unthreaded SQLite module in DarkRP then stacked on top of the poor use of EVERYTHING in DarkRP would be the problem.