ULX Showsite

I didn’t want to post this in Gamemode and Addon Releases as I didn’t think it was enough work to post about. I’m finally getting around to releasing this command! I’ve been working on it for almost a year now (adding bits here and then, replacing SendLua with the net library so people don’t cry) and it’s finally non-shit enough for me to release. ULX Showsite is a simple command that allows you to show a site completely covering a players screen with options such as choosing the site, the amount of time it’s up for and whether it’s fullscreen (depending on the site of course). The best feature of this is that you can fullscreen YouTube videos and completely fuck with some of the players (but don’t be a cunt though). The command has even got support for fullscreening Twitch streams (a bit pointless but another feature). Of course, a command is included in the panel
DOWNLOAD: https://garrysmods.org/download/24391/ulx-showsite
Here are some images below to show you what it basically does:




If there are any issues or requests, post them and I’ll do my best to help :slight_smile:
Also, thanks again to Facepunch for helping me out when I needed it (allbeit with the superiority complex every now and then) and an even bigger thanks to Lost Alien for putting up with my noob-tier questions.

seems abusable… (i guess that’s the point seeing as you put the plugin in the “abuse” category…)

for instance, let’s say I am hosting meatspin (i am: meatspin.source.pub)

!showsite bob meatspin.source.pub

unless you’re into showing random kids porn then go for it i guess

Why did I click that link knowing what it was going to be :v:

No offense but this took a year?

Out of interest, what does the “Melonize” command do?

The primary purpose was to show people relevant pages such as donation pages. If its abused, question the staff you have, not the command. The abuse category thing is just coincidence if anything.

It didn’t take a year in total. I made it back in 2014 to show donation pages and such, and 6 months later I added the ability to set the site, and now I changed it to the net libarary added some fun features to it and cleaned up the code a bit. Besides, no one starts off being able to code well. You’ve got to start somewhere, and this is where I started.

The mic on off should be illigal. It’s wrong in so many ways.