ULX Sound file - invalid sample rate (32000)

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I’m trying to play a sound file which is actually a music track but it keeps saying that error.

I’ve used audacity, changed the quality (under preferences) to 11025Hz, exported the mp3 and it still doesn’t work. Keeps giving me this error.

You’ll want to change it to 44100Hz. Also changing it in options won’t work - after you’ve opened the sound file in Audacity, goto the bottom left corner of the window and it should say ‘Project Rate (Hz):’. Change that and export it. Good luck!

That’s exactly what I did, but i’m still getting the same error

Change the bitrate to 192kb?

still can’t get it to work.

it’s at 44100Hz and under preferences, mp3 quality, changed the bitrate to 192kb.

for some damn reason this sound file will not work.