ULX stopsound not work


I play music on my server for the fun, but i can’t use stopsound or stopsounds, this command not work in my server, do you have a solution ?

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Are you typing ulx stopsound, or just stopsound?

Because it’s just stopsound.

I tried ulx stopsound, stopsound, stopsounds, ulx stopsounds, !stopsound and !stopsounds

you’re probably typing it in chat

I test in console <stopsound> and it’s work, just it’s for me, and no other players

Stopsound only works on the client. If everyone else wants to stopsound then they all need to type that in their console

RunConsoleCommand( “stopsound” )

Unknow command RunConsoleCommand

It’s a lua function…


…? Are you ok?

Thank you for letting me understand, but where should I put this line?

via server:
ulx rcon lua_run BroadcastLua(‘RunConsoleCommand(“stopsound”)’)