ulx support please!

Hey guys i installed ulx and ulib on my darkRP server, my friend who is the owner (note that i am co owner, and i edit the server) wanted to make a class called owner instead of superadmin and he deleted superadmin and accidently deleted owner too… now we cant have rights to edit groups… please help

Proceed to ulyssesmod.net

If you’re running the latest version, Megiddo added a “ulx resettodefaults” command that when run on the SERVER CONSOLE will, after a mapchange, reset ALL of your ULX settings.

If you don’t want all of your bans, admins, etc. to get removed, then you should be able to just delete your /garrysmod/data/ULib/groups.txt file, then restart your server. Once it starts back up, all of the groups and permissions should be to their defaults.