ULX targetting problem

I want users to be able to use the ULX commands !god and !ungod to enable/disable god mode on themselves.

In order to prevent abuse, I must set the user’s target group to ^ in order for them to not be able to change the god mode state of other players, for example to prevent player1 from typing “!ungod player2”.

This creates an issue, because now the users can’t target other players with !votekick.

So the question is if it’s possible to enable group targetting allowance per command?
Like, I want users to be able to use !god and !ungod on only themselves, but I want them to be able to !votekick others.

Yes, there is an “Ignore can_target” flag you can set on the access tag for a specific command that will ignore the group’s can_target field, which you can set in XGUI like so:

This states that admins can only target themselves when using “ulx god”, no matter what is set on the admin group’s can_target field.

You can also use $ as the “Ignore can_target” flag to add it via command line, like so:

ulx groupallow admin "ulx god" "$^"
(Console) granted access "ulx god" with tag "$^" to group admin

Aah, thank you!
That was extremely hard to miss, I didn’t realise the “restrict player(s)” menu expanded.