ULX !tprequest


This is an addon for ULX.

You type !tprequest (name)
The person will receive the request and see this (name) has requested to tp to you !tpaccept or !tpdeny
(name) has denied your TP request OR (name) has accepted your TP request

The command is available for [ALL] USERS

----Directory Information----
Drop this addon in your “addons” folder. :wink:

The help/readme file is located in: lua\ulx\readme.lua (open that with notepad)
NOTE: I forgot to change “TP request send to (name) to TP request SENT to (name)” It’s easy to fix, sorry guys.

Ethan Christie(me) - Had the idea of the addon and hired someone at Scriptfodder

Velkon. - Coded the entire script



Don’t see the image? View it on Steam!

That image is ridiculously tiny, I’d try to blow it up if you can.

Great plugin! :slight_smile: Keep doing the good work


That’s not the point.

This is useful, esp. for sandbox. I remember running a Bukkit server a while back and this used to be a pretty frequently used plugin among Minecraft servers.
I don’t have any use for it, but I’m sure that many will.

+1 to Velkon for the code.