ULX votemap

Alright, I have a TTT server and want ulx votemap to go to my mapcycle.txt, Because if it points to the map folder it adds maps like from TF2 and stuff. So I am wondering how I can point it to my mapcycle.txt. I tried replacing it with the mapcycle file but it didn’t work.

[lua]ulx.setCategory( “Voting” )

–Public votemap–

ulx.votemaps = {}
local specifiedMaps = {}

local function init()
local mode = GetConVarNumber( “ulx_votemapMapmode” ) or 1
if mode == 1 then – Add all but specified
local maps = file.Find( “…/maps/*.bsp” )
for _, map in ipairs( maps ) do
map = map:sub( 1, -5 ) – Take off .bsp
if not specifiedMaps[ map ] then
table.insert( ulx.votemaps, map )
for map, _ in pairs( specifiedMaps ) do
if file.Exists( “…/maps/” … map … “.bsp” ) then
table.insert( ulx.votemaps, map )



Could I add a TTT to the line?

You could delete the maps you don’t want to appear on it. Or just put a folder inside the map folder with the maps you want on it. Like maps/ttt and then change the script to that directory.

I deleted the maps and it still is on the ulx votemap. But Ill try doing that.