ULX VoteSlay

Adds the ability to vote slay a target.

• ULX 3.61+
• ULIB 2.51+

!VoteSlay (Target) (Reason)

How To Install:
Extract the “ULX VoteSlay” folder to your addons folder.
Restart your server.

Download: Click Here

If you like this addon, please do share it with your friends. This was a highly requested addon by hundreds of server owners, if not more. This can be used in many different gamemodes, if not all of them!

Ulysses thread: http://forums.ulyssesmod.net/index.php/topic,7320.0.html

I was pleasantly surprised to see the code for this wasn’t horrible (even if it may be largely based off of other vote plugins).

Will you be making more complicated addons in the future?


Well ok then, that’s disappointing.

I’m still learning Lua. Till I master it, thats when more “complicated” addons will come out from me.

Perhaps a votejail would be handier, killing someone if they’re abusing without admins around isn’t very helping, they just respawn

No because then you wouldn’t be able to use it on TTT.

Yes you could. ULX jailing works on all gamemodes.

VoteJail would be terriable, I don’t think you can be killed while you are jailed. So the round would be hung out for hours from some T stuck in a jail. Bad idea.

EDIT: Sorry I was thinking purely on a TTT sense for some reason. In other gamemodes it may make sense.

Or if the user is jailed, just ignore his role in the PlayerDeath round ending hook.

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Or whatever hook TTT uses to check round end.

Worst case scenario, the round continues until you run out of time.

Just to clear up my previous message I knew that ULX jail works on TTT I used it in the past for a bit of fun to punish mass rdm’ers, but it’s a useless command for a gamemode like TTT.

And Rammelslakje I suggest you set the minimum amount of players needed for a successful vote slay, it works quite well when admins are not on and it’s hard for the command to be abused when staff are not on if you set the successful vote count high.

Yea that’s what I meant the round wouldn’t end unless you ignored the player that is in jail. However I quickly edited the script and tested this on my server for awhile and realised you can kill the players that are in jail. For example if you vote jailed someone another player can chuck and incendiary grenade and kill the person in jail. What I didn’t know was that the if the player dies in jail they will auto re-spawn. I was testing this on TTT and when I un-jailed the person near the end of the round there were probably 50+ player models rag dolled where the jail was. I’m not sure if heaps of rag-dolls could crash or lag out a server but it could be potential abused. Also the player(s) that chuck incendiary grenades at the person in jail would be auto karma banned if you use strict karma settings.

DL Link is dead.

Yea visit the ULX Thread to download it :slight_smile:

no download link on ulx thread please update it

ohhh and by the way I find the idea brilliant

  1. You have to login to the ULX forums to see it the download.
  2. The code was stolen from Doctor Internet, proven on the second page of the thread.
  3. Internet’s Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m44spjrbsirhgx0/ULX%20-%20VoteSlay.zip