ULX : Website as MOTD

Hello to those who are reading, I was wondering how to add a website link into the ulx message of the day. I’ve done it before but I’ve completely forgotten. Cheers.

Go to the site you want as your MOTD and view the source, on Chrome it’s right click > view page source, then copy and paste EVERYTHING there, and then put that in your MOTD file. If you need any help feel free to add me on Steam. My steam profile is at the left under my avatar.


I don’t know why I suggested this originally, this is a terrible way of doing it, please don’t do this.

Everything? there’s quiet allot there. Are you sure?

Yep everything.

While that does work, you can just set ULX to point the to a website instead of the contents of the motd file. Use XGUI while in-game or use the following console command on the server:

I think OP is just trying to add a URL link to the MOTD, not actually replace the MOTD with website.

Just put this code into you’re ulx motd.txt file in the ulx addon folder;

<meta http-equiv=“REFRESH” content=“0;url=(LINK HERE)” />

And of course replace (Link here) with the website link.

Just open the ULX menu (type “ulx menu” in console of “!menu” in chat), go to the Settings tab, then the Server tab, then press ULX General Settings. There are MOTD settings there.

Question for you:

Should I be having any issues seeing the MOTD on a Mac? I’ve input my website into the MOTD, except (for me) it’s still blank.