ULX / XGUI admin - DA FAQ !?

My custom admin groups doesn’t save the people i add :confused:
when they rejoin the server - they’re just regulare users again
my server have Fadmin and ULX for a DarkRP.
the only groups that works and save the people is “admin” “superadmin” and users.
anything else doesn’t work.

what am i doing wrong?

do i need to make my groups with Fadmin or what?

should i save the people through the ulx files ?? (coding and stuff) if yes - how do i do it.?

Are you using the latest SVN?

You will never get an answer. I have been posting all over the ULX Fourms about this and noone has any answers. ULX always was my absolute favorite admin mod, but I tried out evolve mod, and it looks like the ONLY other option. (It’s terrible, may I add.) I have the same problem here and I am just as frustrated as you are.

dammit - is evolve the only mod that works ? what about assmod ?

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i think so ? i just downloaded the ulx and ulib from their website.

ULX works very well. If you can’t make it work, add me on Steam.


I will be looking into this issue soon (hopefully this weekend) since it’s been brought to my attention from multiple sources. Since we’ve been so busy as of late, issues that don’t occur on vanilla sandbox with plain ULX+ULib haven’t gotten much attention, I’m afraid :-\