So ULX doesn’t work correctly right now so… is there anything that works with a friendly interface right now? Because I’ve been looking for a replacement and I cant find one.
Exsto = No, I want commands.
Evolve = Broken, Last time I checked.

If Evolve isent broken I still want alternatives I will check out Evolve if its not broken though.

Note: Not sure if in the right section, if not please dont ban me and just lock the topic telling me where to put things like this.

Those are the three big hitters, really. ULX Actually does work, the only problem is derma and sliders, so I dont see what problem you could be having.

SticklyMan recently fixed the sliders in ULX according to this: https://github.com/Nayruden/Ulysses/commit/c417f71c13d43d5714fc580668024cdfef09a227

ULX does work… https://github.com/Nayruden/Ulysses

Has been fixed.


AssMod is good, I Use ULX only because groups are assigned to Jobs and would be hard to change it for AssMod from my eyes.