.UMap to .vmf/.bsp

Hello friendly (and unfriendly) people of facepunch! I was looking through files of a game I own and wanted to “”"“Convert”""" some maps to be playable on GMod. Now I did read a thread about this a while ago and the thread was ultimately closed because of the map size the person needed to know how to convert. But the map I am looking to convert is rather small (Like very small). I was wondering if it is possible to convert a .umap to a .bsp or .vmf. If not simply say no and Ill close the thread, thank you for reading this!

If you have any questions also don’t mind to ask,

Dunno if there are tools to do it but you could probably export the map as an OBJ (depending on which version of the engine you are trying to get a map from, I know this function is in UnrealEd as of UT2k4), then figure out the equivalent scale to hammer units, then compile the model as an SMD and stick it in hammer to use as a guide to remake the level from scratch

Thanks for your response! Was wondering if you could direct me to a download of UnrealEd as I’m pretty sure I know where it is but I want to make sure so I don’t mess anything up.

UnrealEd comes with unreal its should be in the main install folder, which version of unreal are you using ?

Woah I’m friggin dumb. Also how would I go about importing the UMap into Unreal Engine (Yes I’ve never used Unreal and yes I’ve looked up tutorials they don’t explain anything very well.

Never mind figured it out