Umbrella RP Open Beta

This is my new Resident Evil themed RP.

It uses Nexus framework as a base, it’s a very nice base to work off of as well. :slight_smile:

Server Content:

We need beta testers to come make sure the gamemode is alright and we want to make sure people like it and all.

Come check it out, tell your friends too.

Here are some screenshots from us playing:

Hey, that’s me! This gamemode is awesome btw.

What maps are commonly used?

I’d assume gm_atomic and that ragnarok one, hm?

Just gm_atomic for now.

This was actually very good, I just need to fix the gunsmoke problem.

Same for my server as you know :slight_smile:


particle:SetVelocity(350 * self.Forward + 1.1 * self.WeaponEnt:GetOwner():GetVelocity())

It is getting the wrong entity, it is trying to get the recently dead player you’re aiming at and not yourself.

Hmm, that looks correct is that the fix or did you copy that from where it is broken?

Looks good, just one question: How are you supposed to RP while NPC’s are attacking you? :V

Also. really hope you’re not using an outdated/leaked version of Nexus.

Nah man it’s updated. Do I look like an idiot?

And there are safe houses scattered around that you can hide inside, though the NPCs can open unlocked doors. :3

Copied it from where it was broken, but I had an idea to fix it.

As in you actually bought it from Kuro for $300?



Wow. This looks awesome. I think I might want to pop in. Shame you can only play as survivors.

No, its most likely hes just using the free release.

holy dickbutt this is freakin sweet lois

We might make some player zombies at one point, remember this is just a beta, but we need a lot of players to do that.

Might I add that the questions at the beginning are annoying as fuck. I know two of them (yes I’ve RPed before; OOC means out of character). How the hell am I supposed to know if the RP is serious or light and if it’s based off the games/movie?

Good effort on a more original gamemode.


Looks nice, will have to try it out.

This actually looks nice! I’ll give it a test when i can. Oh damn, the server is in USA. My ping is going to be like 200 but i think that i can cope with it.