Umbrellas in download screen

You know how when you’re joining a server and need to download files, it scrolls the icons across the screen? Well every once in a while a rainbow umbrella appears on top of one of the icons. I’ve been wondering for the longest time what this is for. What does it mean?

It’s there for the hell of it afaik

It’s there for the same reason as the (afaik) groucho marx disguise.

I think of Mary Poppins whenever I see the umbrella.

It just means it’s having one hell of a time downloading to your pc.

I remember garry had a blog post about this when he added the current loading menu.

You can read it here.

It’s pretty much there to make it a little more interesting.

Dont forget the Moustaches!

First time I saw the mustaches at a friends house out of boredom I said “LUA VIRUS”