Umm... Honey, please not now, duty calls!

Spy has busy social life, after all.

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Who talks to a phone like that?

And the blood is just splatted on there… Like a few brushes copy pasted on top of eachother.
But if posed better this would’ve been funny :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry, but posing a tf2 character hand is nightmare, i couldn’t get it close to head… but thanks still.

The posing + Editing is perfect. I love how you managed to get the blood splatter in the right angle.The face posing makes it even better. One of the best TF2 Poses ive seen.

There’s an addon that changes the TF2 models’ phy. files so it makes them easier to pose. I can’t remember where I found it, though.

There is a fix for the TF2 guys somewhere, that makes them easier to pose, I would link you to it but I dont know where it is, maybe some else can :confused: (I will search for it anyway and if I have luck I will post it).

The posing is not bad but the blood is an obvious brush, it needs depth and there shouldnt be so many of it.

That blood is very smelly looking and I think there’s a little bit of fisheye in the camera.

AAAh whats wrong with him? Wel i think he was serious in my thread but, where is his critism WHERE ARE YOU???

Oh thank you… Haha

He’s totally not being sarcastic.

I know, but i was :smug:

Angle is weird

They didn’t have mobile phones in 1967. :v:

They didn’t have guns that would heal people and make them bulletproof or color targeting sentries or teleporters either.
OT, posing looks pretty good but the blood splatter doesn’t fit. It would look pretty good if the blood was supposed to be on the camera.

I expected a call of duty pun from this, but I guess not.

Is he being called by scouts mom? :smug:

i did :wink:

the tf2 models i have, their faces just explode if i try to pose them, but you could have tried a little

Right here

Blood looks too opaque, not dark enough, and looks painted on.

Yes how do I get rid of that