umm... Nfoserver does not show up unless u favorite the IP...?

How do i fix this? The server is completely invisible unless you favorite it.

Tried contactinf NFO support?

Yeah, it’s a problem with NFO. My friend had the same problem, one time I was going to go with them and I asked about the issue - they just said it wasn’t their problem… Get OVH or something decent.

You could try having the server run the “heartbeat” command.

In any case, it could be them cutting off their ports.

The server list queries can be utilized by anyone capable of spoofing packets.

Maybe the server was tagged by one of hackers.


1.Go into your browser and type in your Default Gateway number into the address bar. (make sure to include the periods)
2.Enter in your router's username and password. If you do not know these, then you can contact whoever handles the router and they can tell you. (Parents, Boss, etc..)
3.Go to the menu area for Port Forwarding/Port Triggering
4.Open these ports:
UDP 1200 1200
UDP 26901 26901 (This will allow the server to show up on the master server list.)
UDP 27000 27015
TCP 27020 27039
UDP 27015 27015 (you may not be able to open this one, but it is suggested that you try)
UDP 27020 27020


That’s all the ports you need to work.
Maybe your server owner is just lazy and forgot to open them all.

Where do you live and where is the server hosted?

This could, once again, be the cause of the geolocation thing with the serverlist, you will only find servers that are nearby your physical location.

I have a NFO dedicated box in the US but I can never see it in the serverlist neither, you just have to live with it untill it’s fixed.

Yes because NFO forget to open ports… :v:

Are you in the EU and your server in the US / vice versa? I know steam itself has an issue when it comes to regions.

What Phoenix said, in your server config set sv_region to 255 as NFO by default set it to the server region

Makes no difference whatsoever.

Yes, it’s a steam/VALVe issue with the master servers. The new protocol fucked something up, old protocol still works fine.

Nothing is fucked up, it’s like that by default in Steamworks Matchmaking API.