Umm.. Sponge bob?

Not at all a legitimate attempt at a horror/spooky pose! For the lulz!

I don’t think so, sir.

I’ve seen more scary stuff at the bottom of a toilet then this.

i like it.

The only thing that is scary is that the op made a thread for this

You were doing fine until you added Spongebob.

Now if you’d used the ‘spooky’ vampire from this:
That in conjunction with a little less light on him, so you couldn’t quite see his face.
That coulda been spooky.
But if you see the face of what’s suppose to be spooky, let alone the whole body like here,
it just makes it goofy.

Horror 101: the less you SEE of the object you’re trying to make scary, the more frightening it will be.

actually I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with the picture itself, because it’s pretty ok

I think this would have been more successful if spongebob in the picture was a punchline to maybe a witty-er title.

you’re just going to have him upload the same pic but this time with spongebob’s nose sticking out of the door.

Good point.

You bunch of assholes, this is a good picture. You say it’s not because Spongebob’s in it so it’s not scary. OF COURSE IT’S NOT SCARY, IT’S FUCKING SPONGEBOB.


a good picture would have antialiasing

I dont think you know how this section works.

Criticize the shit out of everything so the Author will create better shit that will after 3 posts sink to the bottom of the forum, never remembered again?

Thats quite cynical but yes.

Like your avatar?


Does that excuse this picture? No, it doesnt.

it’s kinda hard to add AA to a pixel sprite bro

haha what the fuck

thats not even worthy of calling a comeback