Ummm..Banned but dunno why?


I know why. You hacked

It’s VAC, you have some sort of cheats.

I have said this too many times now…

Well you can say that, but still it won’t be true.

VAC doesn’t ban for shits and giggles but because your doing shit you shouldn’t do.

You cannot be serious…


I said this in another ban thread, and I feel it should be repeated:

VAC bans are like condoms, there’s a 99% chance you’re a dirty cheater.

Does this refresh your memory, OP?

Oh darn, join a hack site and a week later VAC banned. That’s got to be a coincidence though right???

But but they said it was 100% CheatPunch and VAC proof :downs:!

Rofl obviously. I’m sure they got 100% of his money though.

lol. i dont hack nu unnnhh! so sad.

Way to go! Clearly this is photoshopped. I wouldn’t blame the OP if he NEVER came back. Way to drive away valuable community members! :wink:

Cracks me up how dumb these guys are. Not only do they buy hacks, but they use the same emails/usernames… so funny.

Fake! lol

We really need a “Banned? tell us all about it here so we can make fun of you for getting caught cheating!” sub-forum.

Wow, if this is the same guy, , who’s got 3 VAC bans listed, he’s got a serious cheating problem. Too bad he doesn’t feel competent enough to play games on a level playing field.

Time to sound really old, but there are so many cheaters these days. I get it with the kids, like sub 18, but I don’t get all the adults who cheat. I grew out of cheats and trainers as I remember them being called, when I was like 12 or so, 36 now. Tons of adults cheating in this game. I’d also never dream of cheating in an online game.