UMP.45 MW2 Skin for CS:S

Also Useable for Garry’s Mod"!

Masteryves - Texture Edit
Hellspike - Model
Logger - Model
Cyper - Texture
Vansunta - Sounds
UnBreakable - Sounds
Valve - Sounds
FxDarkLoki - Sounds
Mantuna and Evil Mr. Lee - Animations


Download: (without Grip)
Link Added!

Now, this is just 1 weapon, so it’s not big in size, which means you don’t need much time to upload it. So screw the UPLOADED, hit mediafire and 2shared with this.

ok its on the way!

Whoa, I just noticed. This is a skin from FPSB you reskined with camo. I know it excelent because I’ve ported it for 1.6
Change name of it, because it’s not a rip from MW2. Name it mw2 styled ump45.

yeah its only a reskin and MW2 styled but ok

Looks nothing like the UMP from MW2, apart from the Digital camo pattern.


and why would you take the screenshots in the shadow?

only the ironsight doesn’t match with the MW2 weapon but there was no rip of this… it is a problem to make screens in the shadow?

Well yeah, because you don’t see alot of the skin then.

ok i will take new screens :slight_smile:

New screens:

Umm…i cant see them.

Not to be offensive or anything, dude, but buzzkill much?

Anyways, the idea was good, but the actual model is meh. Decent work though, but I’d work on it.

if i would get a REAL MW2 Model or else i would texture it in anything you want …but there is no real…

Your wrong. You can rip mw2 models. It isn’t that hard at all.

Can you? i can’t …i tried it but i didnt work for me :frowning:

Give credit to Mantuna and Evil Mr. Lee (?) for the animations.

Now I will Upload a new UMP (the same but without a Grip) because the “real” MW2 UMP has no Grip :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, at least it looks better then the original UMP.