Un-Finished Bunker.

the trap version

the non trap version

if you want you can have.

pics in the non trap version

You should put pics into this thread aswell.

You need to upload pics…there is none easily viewable without downloading the file it seems. Why don’t you try and sell it, you won’t get downloads with your current attitude.

Judging by the file size, it’s fullbright.

no, it isnt. i have 10 lights in there.

ill try to get pics up.


pics are uncompilable with any image site.

Holy shit, a whole 10 :dong:

Still, I have a feeling it’s going to look a bit nasty. No matter how many lights you put there. Also no description on the upload, I am dissapoint.

its not nasty. just look at the pics.

Which pics…

the ones in the bottom file. i couldn’t upload them to photobucket or image shack for some off reason

There are no pics in any of them.

Putting them in the zip doesn’t count. The pictures are to help us decide if we download at all.

ok first pic is up. its in the second link.

Not as bad as I thought it would be, looks familiar for some reason :expressionless: Probably due to all the other cafeteria style things I’ve seen recently.