UN Forces advance through a fortified monastery


Freakin Badass.
Have a wood.

UN with nightvison goggles using WW2 german equipment?

Good scenery. Halted by the fact that the chopters aren’t stirring up any snow. But one can’t have everything. Nice pic anyway.

1 Artistic delivered:)

Hot Damn, man. Nice.

Nice man, looks awesome.

The dude closest to the camera IS R ALL STIFFA

This man speaks the truth.

What models are those, might I ask?

This is schweet

Looks great. Bet it took a while to pose.

Nice pic all though boring.

What map is that looks new to me?

This pose is unrealistic

the UN is doing something

why is there a flak 88 and a sdkfz?

From Neotokyo.

got a problem, b?




Wow really nice screenie!

Anyone can tell me where I can get this map? :o It looks awesome :slight_smile:

Do you know what you caused?

A shitstorm is about to hit, with this model in many pictures, of many threads.


Excellent pic though <3

I like this

have these ignition keys.

Have a palette.