Un-invited Guests on Betalis III.



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The lighting is kind of boring and none of them seem like they care/are aware they’re in a combat zone. The lasers look weird too.

i still haven’t picked up lighting as well… :confused:

you always make the best stuff

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Love you Cheese but this one isn’t my favorite from you.

why are the lasers flat and completely without perspective

the transition between the background and the scene could be smoother too

To me the las shots look like laser pointers :v:

Some of the faceposing is off too. That’s why I always use the bodygroup with the face-concealing helmet, so I can focus on other things.

considering their effectiveness against anything tougher than a gretchin or lightly armored human you might be onto something there

Did you edit in that Crassus transport?

Regardless it’s a nice picture, only thing that bothers me is that being left-handed is appareantly common according to you, the leftie to the right looks a bit wonky.

I.E. i am one lazy mother fucker…

Because they’re the Imperial Guards.

The biggest issue with the lasers in this picture is that they don’t light up anything. Looks more like a reddish material put over the whole thing.

And personally have nothing against the leftie power :slight_smile: