Un-ragdolling inside a brush removes all weapons


Whenever I noclip inside of a brush, ragdoll, then unragdoll, all my weapons get removed.

Whenever this happens, this error comes up :

Timer Error: ULib/server/player.lua:377: attempt to call method 'SetClip1' (a nil value)

I basically want to make it so unragdolling in a bad spot won’t remove my weapons.

How do I do this?

Thank you!

You could store the weapons of the player, then check if he’s unragdolling in a wrong position. If he is, restore his weapons later.

A not-so-bug in the Source engine requires that spectators must lose their weapons before they can spectate, and must regain them when they de-spectate.

Is there a ‘fix’?

ULX automatically should give your weapons back after you de-spectate. There’s no fix that works better than that imo

Should, but doesn’t?

I’m lost.

Should meaning it’s supposed to do it if it wants to make the spectating work right. Otherwise it’s up to the ULX team to fix it.

The way source gives weapons is by spawning them all directly on the player. When you’re inside a brush, they scatter and get stuck. There’s no way around it that I know of.

Check for the entity, and no-collide it.