Un-removable, Renameable/accessable folder.

Hello, uhm Im in sort of a knot…I was uninstalling my Garrys mod (deleting portion) when I came across this problem…this is what it looks like:

I never moved it because I could not…


Is there any other way? Because I really don’t want to reformat…

defragment disk? doesnt it fix problems like this?

Hyper Iguana, Reformat is not the salvation to everything you know…

As for the error itself, make sure you have administrative rights, as I saw in the post you said you had, but double check that you really do. Also Garry’s Mod might be running when you try to remove it, so end the process “hl2.exe” in the task manager and try again. If that doesn’t work, try shutdown Steam.

Tell me if you need further help.

I just checked that I had adminstrative rights, I do. Also I checked if Garry’s Mod was running in the backround, it was not. So I rebooted steam. Finally deleted it…Thanks for the help! That file is now gone

Glad to hear it worked!