UN security forces approach low-flying assembly hall


“Papa One to Command, please be advised, Assembly Hall 04 is entering heavy cloud cover.”

Looks awesome.The sky is pretty nice too

Why are there ripples in the upper clouds, it is it supposed to be there?

I love the idea, looks very nice.

Those normals are strong

Kinda funny how they are flying in PAN ASIA COALITION transports… and they are negotiating with Pan-Asiatic Diplomats

Besides that… pretty cool pose


It looks amazing, but 1969? Is it from something?

What can I say. Bloody nice work there. Sky is amazing.

Wasn’t there something like this in Doctor Who?
In any case, nicely made.

Yeah, the episode with the timelord guy who rules the world, and stuff.

Wait! I found it!

It’s a lot alike, but both are beautiful regardless.

ban ki-moon went back in time and sped up the progress of technology considerably, then he punched franklin roosevelt in the face and turned the UN into a supercountry or some shit like that

that’s what happened, any questions?

which combine are those?

you’ll find them one day

Pretty nice. Idea is interesting.

many, but those are for the future.

Ooooh futuristic-y

Good job on this one but I would be scared as fuck to be sitting there.