Unable start Garrymod server on W2K, freeaddrinfo error

today valve updated OB engine, fixed CSS, TF2 to be able run on W2K again.

My W2k server can start CSS. But Garrymod Not

It show The procedure entry point freeaddrinfo could not be located in the dynamic link library WS2_32.DLL

the “freeaddrinfo” only availabe in XP and later

this only can fix by garrymod developer

more information about “freeaddrinfo” on W2K http://gobby.0x539.de/trac/ticket/425

As I read that entry, the solution is either for valve using the compatibility-header of WinSock for the next OB-Engine update/fix or you upgrading to a newer OS. I’m unsure if delivering you a WinSock dll from a newer OS might help but give it a try:
I uploaded the WinSock dll of Windows Xp (SP1) from a CD I still had.
Copy this file to the folder of your server’s executable (root folder of scrds.exe)

Are you sure you updated your GMod server properly? Try adding -verify_all to the command line.

i can start CSS,TF2 in my w2k SP4 server. Only gmod fail to start

gmod should using the compatibility-header, not valve

I’m pretty sure it was an engine problem, meaning GMod would work if other source 2009 games work. Check that your engine library is up-to-date.

already verify ,amy times

use your ws2_32.dll, it show “Failed to load the launcher DLL”, much worst

i think that is gmod or lua problem, when srcds start, it show “Console initialized.”
then “freeaddrinfo” error popup show