Unable to access maps anymore

Recently I was playing Gmod and wanted to switch my map to one from Team Fortress 2 (which had no trouble porting to the game before and I knew was linked)

Only this time, the maps were gone, I hadn’t realised the change but it was recent as I had accessed the maps yesterday

I tried looking online for support but found no fixes, I moved the maps from the TF2 folders to Gmod but all that did was load the maps and no textures (some aspects were unable to be pulled by the physigun as they had turned into errors, such as the doors)

I finally found something on the Steam Community website detailing how to link the games again by accessing it in the menu (the controller icon), I clicked it and found that the TF2 option had a folder with a red minus symbol on it for some reason

Could someone please help me find a fix? none of the files for either game have changed (reversed the ones previously mentioned to do with the map folders) and the only thing I have altered on Gmod between today and yesterday is downloading some weapon, map and model add-ons

Switch to Dev branch it should work there.

Did you by chance switch where your game are installed? (Either GMod or TF2?) OS update? Anything?

I just went onto steam to find out and noticed TF2 uninstalled itself for some bizarre reason, I’m guessing that’s why the files are inaccessable

Thanks for suggestion otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed

EDIT: Re-installation fixed everything