Unable to Apply Textures on a Mesh

So I’ve got this pistol model open and I’ve got the texture ready, but for some reason it only wants to apply to the slide, and the empty magazine (the anim has both).

Anybody know what’s wrong here?

Is the other side uv mapped? Or assigned a different material than the other side?

I apologize but I’m a super noob with 3ds’ technical functions, how would you check if it’s UV mapped? I’m pretty sure it would be. Maybe I’m not explaining this as best as possible…

A texture CAN be applied to this mesh, but it will only show one drab color (like the default gray texture newly imported models have).

I’ll provide a picture if this can’t be visualized.

Are you opening and viewing the object in a 3d program like Blender?

A screenshot of the object would help.

If it’s 3DS MAX, select all the groups/etc that use that texture, and drag it or use the materializer. that’s all I know atleast…

Here are some pictures:

(With correct texture applied. Notice it’s visible on empty mag and slide)

(With other texture, same results)

It looks like theres two different materials. One being the grey and the other light brown. It could be that the gun texture is not applied to the grey material.

What 3d program are you using?

I’m using 3ds Max.

And yes, the material IS applied to the gray region. Notice how the gray looks a little tinted in the top picture. A standard texture was applied to the gun in the second picture to show that it wasn’t the texture that was creating a problem.

Add the unwrap UVW modifer to the object. In the unwrap UVW properties panel, click edit. It should display the uv maps. See if all the meshes are there.

What do you mean by see if meshes are there? If by check, do you mean select faces and highlight everything? :confused:

Do you know how to use modifyers in max? If you do, try doing those steps first to see if the uv map is there.

If you dont know what uv mapping is about, try watching this video.

Also you may want to look at 3ds max tutorials on uv mapping.