Unable to change what games mount?

I realize this is the result of the recent update. But is there any sort of work around, or any word on when it will be fixed? I have limited hard drive space, and I need a lot of the games to remain UNMOUNTED when I load gmod. Otherwise every single one of their GCF’s are redownloaded every launch of gmod, taking up ungodly amounts of hard drive lol.

In case anyone needs more details, I’m talking about the addons/etc button accessed from the first main menu when you load GMod. Not only will it not save the settings of any games you disable, but HL2 and HL2:DM show up as HL and HL:DM and can’t be activated, even though everything works fine in-game. And every restart of gmod, the games you have disabled will redownload. Which is annoying.

Any news before this gets buried?