unable to claim server in admin panel

Hello i’m unable to claim server with my server infos

it works on rusty (web or client)

when i put infos in the claim server page i get the error “We were not able to authenticate to RCON. Please check that +rcon.ip, +rcon.port and +rcon.password are set correctly and match what is entered here.”
which are good since they work in rusty also i added my steamid to ownerid via rusty

anything else i didn’t do correctly or that i need to do ?


This is an issue with our server admin panel currently - I’ve gotten quite a few emails and a couple of tweets about this. Hopefully I can look into this today and get it solved for you!

If you have any issues in the future with PlayRustHQ, drop me an email at hello[‘at’]matt.net.

perfect thanks! are you gonna keep us updated if you are able to fix it ?

does anyone know if this is fixed yet?

i have still the same problem so i guess dyn didnt have time to look at it